£105.00 plus VAT per person
Tuesday 19th September 2017
Tuesday 21st November 2017
9.00am – 5.30pm 2016


The BII Level 2 National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders is a nationally recognised qualification designed for anyone authorising the retail sale of alcohol in licensed premises, including hotels, bars, inns, pubs, restaurants, retail shops, supermarkets, convenience stores, off-licenses, sports and social clubs, night time venues, nightclubs, leisure parks, caravan parks with liquor licensed facilities and anywhere else where alcohol is sold direct to members the public.

The areas covered during the day are:

The roles, responsibilities and functions of the licensing authorities and the actual application process for getting your Personal Licence
The 4 Licensing Objectives, responsibilities and Areas of Risk within these objectives
The role and legal responsibilities of a Personal Licence Holder with details of the penalties relating to failure to comply with the law
Explanation of the Premises Licence, how to complete a new one and to apply for a variation of an existing one, details of the Operating Schedule within in, suggested additional steps to take to promote the 4 Licensing Objectives, Actual licence, Summary licence, Custody of Actual licence, Conditions on a premises licence
The appointment and role of the Designated Premises Supervisor, Single point of accountability and Responsibilities associated with the day to day running the premises, Sale of Alcohol

Permission form

Unauthorised licensable activities, permitted Temporary Event Notices
Rights of Entry to licensed premises by Police, Authorised Officers of the Licensing Authority, HM Revenue and Customs, Suspension of licences and Closure of premises
Protection of Children from Harm, Offences and Defences, Penalties
Specific prohibitions of sale of alcohol, Test Purchasing, Strengths of alcohol
Nature of alcohol, Effects of alcohol on the human body, Social responsibilities in the retail sale of alcohol, Conduct and running of licensed premises

What you will get...

The course begins at 0845 with coffee/tea for 0900 start, breaks at 1100 and 1500 for coffee/tea with a lunch break 1300 approximately for 45 minutes.
Coffees and teas are available all day and soft drinks are provided with lunch.

An APLH Hand Book will be sent out in advance of the course for some pre-course reading and needs to be brought on the day for use during the day. A work book is also provided for use during the course and also to act as an aide-memoire for the future and as an additional aide when training staff in due course. Apart from 40 questions to answer during the day within it, there are additionally examples of a Premises Licence, a TEN (Temporary Event Notice), Alcohol Sales Permission form, numerous Questions and Answers details together with topical and relevant facts that currently effect all types of licensed retail premises.

The exam is a 40 question, multiple choice question paper taken from memory and starts immediately after the course about 1630/1645 with 28/40 needed to pass and lasts for 40 minutes . Course delegates are free to leave as soon as they have finished and the result will be telephoned to them within 4 working days. The actual Certificate will follow within 3 weeks of the date of taking the exam. It is expected that delegates can contact their respective Licensing Authority in the interim period to obtain the necessary 5 page application form for a Personal Licence and 3 page Disclosure and Declaration of Convictions forms together with instructions for its completion so as to be ready when the Certificate arrives.

Identification is needed for the exam and a passport or current driving licence is easiest. Delegates need to bring one or the other with them on the day.

£25.00 plus VAT
Wednesday 20th September 2017
Wednesday 22nd November 2017
9.00am to 5.30pm

HABC Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety in Catering*
£380.00 + VAT per person
26th, 27th & 28th September 2017
(9.00am – 4.00pm)

QA Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work*
£258.00 + VAT per person
3rd, 4th & 5th October 2017
(9.00am – 4.30pm)

QA Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work*
£82.00 + VAT per person
Wednesday 18th October 2017
(9.00am – 4.30pm)

HABC Level 2 Award in Fire Safety*
£82.00 + VAT per person
Thursday 19th October 2017
(9.00am – 4.30pm)

HABC Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace*
£82.00 + VAT per person
Wednesday 1st November 2017
(9.00am – 4.30pm)

* Please note that these courses are run by Envesca, if the candidate does not turn up on the day of the course YOU still get charged.

All the above courses are at Arkells Brewery and include a light lunch.

To book please email or telephone: 01793-833961.